TOGETHER PROPERTIES was incorporated with the vision of offering a total package in property marketing agency services.

Our expertise offered to clients is basically in the following areas:

  1. Sales
  2. Purchase
  3. Rental
  4. Project Development Marketing

The primary objective of TOGETHER PROPERTIES is to provide value added services that will enhance the overall performance of the clients we serve. Such a role would require a comprehensive and intimate understanding of the property market and all activities associated with the real estate industry.


TOGETHER PROPERTIES would endeavour to provide these services. Putting a property into the market in the hopes of securing a purchaser or tenant has come a long way since the days of ‘coffee-shop brokers ’.

Today’s property owner will be putting his investment into a market that offers so many similar products, and so the need to sell or rent out the asset becomes critical in the realization of returns.

The marketing and promotion of a development scheme in order to achieve its disposal is an essential and integral part of the development process.

The disposal of a building, whether through a sale or a letting, should be thought about during the evaluation process. The disposal of development is, therefore, a two-stage process that is promotion and selling.

Scale of Service Fees

Sale or Purchase

a) Land and Buildings – 3% of the selling price.

b) Chattels, including Plant and Machinery – 10 % of the proceeds. Maximum fee : As above, but may be subject to a maximum discount of 30 %, and the minimum fee shall be RM1,000.00 per case. The above scale applies to any Sale or Purchase by way of private treaty, tender or any other mode of disposal or acquisition.

For Sale and Marketing of Projects by registered estate agents, the fees are as agreed between the estate agent and the client.


Duration of Tenancy & Maximum (fee equivalent to)

  • Up to 3 years up to 4 years (1.25 months gross rental)
  • Exceeding 3 years up to 4 years (1.50 months gross rental)
  • Exceeding 4 years up to 5 years (1.75 months gross rental)
  • Exceeding 5 years (1.75 months gross rental – no renewal)
  • Exceeding 5 years  (1.75 months gross rental – with renewal option – plus 0.25 months rental for every additional year)